Ratings and Rankings

Morningstar Rating

The fund specialists from Morningstar Europe evaluate European as well as country-specific funds data. All of the currently rated 2100 funds from 60 different investment categories, have a track record of at least 3 years. They are also assigned an investment category, which consists of at least 20 funds. The review cycle is monthly.

FERI Trust Funds Rating

The rating system of FERI Trust tried to give the investor a decision guidance in selecting funds. Each fund will be evaluated according to specific criteria. Its performance is compared with that of its competitors. Then any funds in the fund rating is given one of five ratings from (A) to (E). In this way, it is a quality seal, which consists of a single letter.

A = Very good
B = good
C = Average
D = Below average
E = Weak

An (A) or (B) rating indicates that a fund has a medium time horizon of five years, a stable, above-average performance with relatively low risk.

Standard & Poor's Fund Management Rating

The fund management rating by Standard & Poor's is only awarded to a few selected, well-managed funds. The rating ranges from "A" for good fund managers to "AAA" for outstanding achievements.