Risk Considerations

Investors should note that Deutsche Invest Funds are generally not capital protected or guaranteed and investors in each Deutsche Invest Funds should be prepared and able to sustain losses up to the total capital invested. The value of an investment in a Deutsche Invest Funds may go down as well as up and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Investment in any Deutsche Invest Funds involves numerous risks, for a list of related risks please click here.


Deutsche Bank has received reports that the Deutsche Bank name and brand are being misused to facilitate an investment fraud scam, whereby members of the public receive calls from someone purporting to be a Deutsche Bank DWS Global Wealth Management employee offering minimum £10,000 investments in a one year DWS Corporate Bond offering high rates of return. The fraudsters are using names, telephone numbers and email addresses not affiliated to Deutsche Bank.
If you have concerns then please contact Deutsche Bank via our switchboard. If you have been the victim of fraud then please report the matter to the Police, via Action Fraud reporting line on 0300 123 2040.

DWS Invest Top Dividend LD

ISIN: LU0507266061Price by date: 19/02/2020Issue price: 196.52
 Currency: EURRedemption price: 186.70


Investment Style: Value

Investment Focus

DWS Invest Top Dividend offers an equity investment with the opportunity for current income. Management invests globally in equities, that it expects to offer dividend yields higher than the market average.

Influencing Factors

Price developments of the global equity market, exchange rate fluctuations against the Euro and company specific developments.

Basic Risks

The fund is intended for the growth-oriented investor seeking returns higher than those from capital-market interest rates, with capital growth generated primarily through opportunities in the equity and currency markets. Security and liquidity are subordinate to potential high returns. This entails higher equity, interest-rate and currency risks, as well as default risks, all of which can result in loss of capital.


Financial weather last 3 Months²
CategoryEquity Funds
Investor Profile Growth-oriented
FundmanagerDr. Thomas-P Schuessler
Total Assets4,062.77 M EUR
Total Expense Ratio (as of 31/12/2019)1.580%
Morningstar Gesamtrating™
(as of date: 30/12/2019)
FERI Funds Ratingn/a
Lipper Leaders
(as of date: 30/12/2019)
(As of 19/02/2020)
Since inception134.93%9.26%
1 Month1.68%-
3 Months5.42%-
6 Months11.11%-
Current year3.63%-
1 Year15.58%15.58%
3 Years17.29%5.46%
5 Years33.13%5.89%