CIO View: Outlook 2017 – Global with a European perspective

“Not bad conditions for the New Year…”

Events during the final months of 2016 have given investors much to ponder as they contemplate the year ahead. How quickly will President Trump be able to enact his reforms? How long will any investment “honeymoon” last? What will happen to interest rates? Our CIO, Stefan Kreuzkamp, addresses these and other questions in our CIO Outlook 2017.

Global outlook 2017 by Stefan Kreuzkamp

What may 2017 bring? Deutsche Asset Management provides an economic and market outlook.

Monetary policy effects by Stefan Kreuzkamp

The Fed is likely to raise interest rates in 2017, the ECB should keep monetary policy unchanged.

Politics and markets by Stefan Kreuzkamp

Deutsche Asset Management on the implications of the U.S. election for the economy and the markets in 2017.

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