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Flights to Frankfurt

The flights to Frankfurt are coordinated for three different cities. If you need to travel from a different city, please contact to check possibilities.

The DWS team will travel with the Madrid group and meet with the Barcelona and Lisbon group upon their arrival at 11:15h in the Meeting point of Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 to go to DB Towers.

Madrid Lufthansa, 8:30h - 11:00h Lufthansa, 17:10h - 19:40h
Barcelona Lufthansa, 8:00h - 10:10h Lufthansa, 17:35h - 19:35h
Lisbon Tap Air Portugal, 06:50h - 10:55h Lufthansa, 19:35h - 21:45h

Meeting point at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1


Dress code

Business dress for working sessions and smart casual for the rest.

Event Venue, 28th May

Room C03 Conference 1a & 1b
DB Towers 
Taunusanlage 12
60325 Frankfurt am main Germany
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Hotel Jumeirah Frankfurt, 28-29th of May

Thurn-und-Taxis-Square 2, 60313, Frankfurt (Main) (Hesse).
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Dinner at Alter Oper Frankfurt, 28th of May

Opernplatz 1, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
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Exclusive visit to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, 29th of May

Sonnemannstrasse 20 · 60314 Frankfurt
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Lunch at Oosten Restaurant, 29th of May

Mayfarthstraße 4, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
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Agenda of DWS Workshop in Frankfurt

28th-29th May


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